Injection molding

of zamak and aluminum





In Tekno-Pres we’ve been manufacturing custom made injection parts of aluminium and zamak alloys since 1979.


Our more than 38 years of expirience and 3,800 m2 of surface give us the knwoledge and the ability to advise our clients in the design of parts and molds as well as to manufacture pieces of first quality. All thanks to the combination of a modern machinery park and our excepcional team.


We advise in the creation of pieces and molds design.

Raw material

We use first quality zamak and aluminium alloys.


Our modern machinery allows us to make pieces from 5 g to 3 kg.


We perform a complete maintence of molds.


We have the ability to perform surface finising, machining and assembly of kits.

Quality control

We have the ISO 9001 certificate in addition to a rigorous quality control system.

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Thanks to our technical office we can advise our clientes in the elaboration of molds and pieces.


Our experienced design team can personally advise our clientes in the design of a piece.


Our technical office guarantees a perfect optimization and integration of the molds with our modern machinery.

Raw material

We guarantee the use of first quality materials in all our products.


The zamak alloy (DIN EN 1744 with 99,995% purity) injection system is based on hot champer machines with the necessary peripherials, such as mold tempering, to achieve maximum precision.


The injection system for aluminum alloys (L2630 L2640), with cold chamber machines, develops a technology that allows the total automation of the manufacturing process.

Means and resources

We have more than 3,800 m2 of built surface where we manufacture pieces from 5 grams to 3 kilograms.


Our 25 hot/cold chamber injection machines range from 5 tn to 220 tn.


We count with robots, manipulation arms, presses and automatic feeders to speed up the process.


We have our own mechanical workshop where our operators perform an integral maintance of the molds. This operations are performed on a regularly to extend the useful life of the molds and avoid production interruptions.



We can perform all types of machining. Form threaded and drilled to CNC machining and polishing.


We have the ability to make a wide selection of surface finishes to the pieces we manufacture.


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We have the necessary tools and knowledge to carry out the assembly and preparation of kits.



Quality control

All the manufactured pieces pass a meticolous quality control wich includes a raw material analysis, controls at the machine and at the end of the lot. This allow us to give them a quality certificate so they arrive to our customers with total guarantee.



Renewable energy

“In Tekno-pres we’re proud to meet all the environmental legislation that we’re required by the regulatory authorities. As part of our environmental policy all our waste is treated by authorized managers.

In addition, the 100% of the energy we use comes from renewable sources (certified by the CNMC), which considerably reduces the environmental impact of our activity.”


Our enterprise is situated in Vitoria-Gasteiz, which is the main city of the Basque Country; this is one of the most industrialized areas in Spain and leader in the manufacture sector of machinery.
Moreover, Basque Country has a wide industrial area, excellent infraestructure and it is the third area all over Europe in the ranking of quality certificates. These facts give our enterprise a competitive advantage in proyects of manufacturing zamak pieces.

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